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How Much Does the Maine Medical Marijuana Card Cost?

The Office of Cannabis Policy maintains the medical marijuana program in Maine and issues registry ID cards to patients and caregivers enrolled in the program. The first step to joining the Maine Medical Use of Cannabis Program (MMCP) for patients is obtaining medical cannabis certifications from their medical providers. These medical practitioners must be board-licensed to practice in Maine. While patients who are residents need to see healthcare providers, out-of-state patients do not need certifications. They can simply buy medical cannabis at Maine dispensaries as long as they are visiting from approved states.

Cost of Physician Consultation

Licensed healthcare providers who wish to certify patients for medical cannabis in Maine must register on the state’s Medical Cannabis Certifications Online Portal. After registration, they can order the form required to certify patients for medical marijuana use. Maine only allows medical physicians, nurse practitioners, and physicians assistants to issue provider certifications. While patients do not pay for medical cannabis certifications, they may pay for medical consultations and physical examinations leading to getting these recommendations. On average, patients in Maine may expect to pay $100 - $400 for the physician consultations intended to confirm their eligibility for medical marijuana use.

Maine Medical Marijuana Card Cost

Maine charges $20 for its medical cannabis card. This is the state’s Medical Cannabis Registry Identification Card Application fee. It is also the renewal fee for this card. Caregivers also pay the same fee for their MMJ cards. However, Maine also requires caregivers to submit the results of their background checks during applications. Therefore, there is an additional $31 charge for background check for any caregiver applicant whose last check was not completed in the 24 months before their application.

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