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Maine Weed Delivery

The Maine Office of Cannabis Policy (OCP) allows licensed weed delivery operators to deliver marijuana to consumers’ homes or provide curbside pickup services. However, online payments for weed delivery services are illegal in Maine. Marijuana delivery personnel must confirm buyers’ identities before delivering their products and receiving payments. Registered marijuana patients and caregivers must present their medical marijuana cards, while adults must present their government-issued IDs to receive cannabis deliveries at home.

Is Medical Marijuana Delivery Legal in Maine?

Yes. The Maine Medical Cannabis Act enacted in 2009 allows medical marijuana dispensaries in the state to deliver medical cannabis products. Marijuana patients and caregivers can order cannabis products from licensed dispensaries and receive them at their primary residences. Patients with debilitating medical conditions must register with the Maine Medical Use of Cannabis Program (MMCP) before they can use the state’s marijuana delivery services.

Does Maine Allow Recreational Marijuana Delivery?

Yes. Adults aged 21 or older can get cannabis products delivered to their homes according to OCP Rules. In 2022, An Act to Permit Curbside Pickup and Limited Delivery of Adult Use Marijuana was enacted to permit recreational marijuana delivery.

Can You Order Weed Online in Maine?

Yes, marijuana consumers in Maine can order weed online from licensed marijuana dispensaries. However, making payments online for cannabis products is prohibited. Most medical and recreational marijuana dispensaries licensed by the OCP provide online shops where buyers can purchase weed for delivery. The two major delivery services offered by Maine cannabis dispensaries include home delivery and curbside pickup. Consumers can check dispensaries’ online stores for information on available cannabis products and how to use their weed delivery services.

How Much Weed Can You Order for Delivery in Maine?

Marijuana users may not order more than the following amounts of cannabis products for delivery in compliance with Maine medical and recreational marijuana laws:

  • 2.5 ounces of dried cannabis flower or cannabis-infused products
  • 5 grams of cannabis concentrate
  • 3 mature cannabis plants and 12 immature plants

How Old Do You Have to be to Use Weed Delivery Services in Maine?

In Maine, adults without medical marijuana cards can use recreational marijuana delivery services provided they are 21 years or older. On the other hand, medical weed delivery services in the state are available to cannabis patients aged 18 years or older. Registered caregivers aged 21 years or older can also use marijuana delivery services to purchase medical cannabis on behalf of their patients.

Who Can Provide Weed Delivery Service in Maine?

Only state-licensed marijuana dispensaries can provide weed delivery services in Maine. Uber Eats and other delivery companies are not allowed to operate marijuana delivery services. The OCP prohibits weed dispensaries from delivering cannabis between 10:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m.. Some Maine cities and counties stipulate additional weed delivery rules within their boundaries.

How to Find a Maine Weed Delivery Service Near Me

To find weed delivery in Maine, consumers can do any of the following:

  • Search online for “marijuana delivery services near me.” The search result will return a list of marijuana dispensaries in Maine
  • Check licensed dispensaries’ websites to know the kind of weed delivery services available

The Maine weed delivery rules allow dispensaries to deliver cannabis supplies to private residences, such as private homes, condos, mobile homes, apartments, cabins, vacation homes, and townhouses. Marijuana delivery is prohibited in hotels, motels, lodging houses, campgrounds, and parks. Some marijuana dispensaries offer curbside pickup locations where buyers can go to pick up their orders.

Do You Need to Present Your ID to Receive Weed Delivery in Maine?

Yes, recreational marijuana consumers in Maine must present their valid IDs to receive cannabis products from weed delivery agents. A valid photo ID is required to enable a delivery agent to confirm the purchaser’s age, identity, and eligibility to use cannabis. On the other hand, patients and caregivers must present their medical marijuana cards. Maine prohibits consumers from designating other persons to receive their products when they order weed, including picking up products at curbsides.

Is Weed Delivery Available in All Cities in Maine?

Yes, licensed weed dispensaries can deliver cannabis to private residences located anywhere in Maine. This means that marijuana consumers residing outside Adult Use Opt-in Communities can also use Maine weed delivery services.